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Giant Light Up Bear

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  • This adorable stuffie is super Kawaii and unique... because it lights up! 
  • You can have this bear as a standard plushie or switch on it’s light to have a gently glowing bear 
  • Available in 4 different colours, so your bear can match your aesthetic! 
  • 50cm tall!

Customer Reviews

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Good quality, as described, but image a bit misleading.

A reasonable quality bear that glows well. Slightly fluffier and slightly less stuffed than the images would suggest (but not to the point of being an issue). LEDs may need pushing back to the middle of the stuffing to get a diffused glow rather than spots of brightness. Size given in the description (50cm) is accurate, but the picture with the bear being held by the person is misleading. Either the bear in the image is double the actual product size, or the person pictured is the proportionate size of a 5 year old. Overall, a good buy - but a little disappointing on size if you go by the image to judge proportions.