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Pink Stars Adult Diaper

Pink Stars Adult Diaper


Pink Stars Adult Diaper

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  • These high quality, 4 layer waterproof and bamboo lined, adult baby diapers are a practical and a financially wise investment for adult babies who like to be padded daily! Completely washable and reusable! 
  • Available in multiple youthful prints and styles, Collect them all and start your collection today! 
  • Offering 100% bamboo thick liners that wick away and absorb moisture better than regular cotton. 
  • The diaper lining is made of 3 layers of microfibre, and has a quality waterproof shell for extra protection! 
  • The waist is 100% elastic for comfort, and the biggest waist size these diapers will accommodate is 125cm
  • One size fits most. These nappies have highly adjustable snaps so you can make it larger or smaller depending on your body type


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