DDLGVERSE is a DDLG Megastore!

Here in the universe we provide an absolutely HUGE range of items all based around the DDLG community and other branches of kink. 

Our main aim is to provide you with the highest quality items but for the best and most affordable prices. From our experience, we know that there is nothing worse than finding an absolutely adorable item you just must have... to find out that it's out of your price range. That's why we are here to kit you out with the best gear without scraping the barrel.

Some of our main areas we cater for include:

  • ABDL
  • Pet Play
  • BDSM / Kink 
  • Kawaii Fashion 

We are actively trying to be an inclusive brand. This means we are including plus sizes and smaller sizes in as many of our items of clothing as possible, so everyone can enjoy them!

We add a huge range of new products every single month, so there is always a reason to keep scrolling and wish-list all your favourite items until its time to purchase! Make that dream collection of yours!


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